Prof. Wu has finished visiting UIUC ILIRM Group

Congratulation! Dr. Wu is awarded for Pujiang Talent Program 2018!


Dr. Wu is visiting UIUC ILIRM Group

Dr. Wu is visiting UIUC Prof. Songbin Gong’s Illi

2 Papers accepted for presentation at IEEE MEMS 2018 Conference

The 2 papers have been accepted for presentation at IEE

We present our work in 2017 IEEE SENSORS Conference!

Dr. Tao Wu attended and present work titled “Desi

Aluminum Nitride RF MEMS

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) piezoelectric NEMS resonant devi

Tessellated Silicon-Structures for Monocentric Imagers

Compared with conventional planar optical image sensors

Magnetic Nano-Ring and Single Domain

We have patterned magnetic nano-ring and single domain

Giant Tunable Piezoelectric Remanent Strain and its Application on ME-RAM

We have demonstrated a Ni/PMN-PT ME heterostructure pro

Complex MEMS Devices made by Sandia National Laboratories

Giant piezoelectric strain hysteresis and novel ferroelectric properties of (011) [Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3](1-x)-[PbTiO3]x (PMN-PT, x≈0.32) single crystals

The ferroelectric (011) [Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3](1-x)-[PbTiO3

Self-Aligned T-Gate High-Purity Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube RF Transistors

Carbon nanotube RF transistors are predicted to offer g

MEMS: Next Wave Silicon Revolution

We present you the Next Wave Silicon Revolution from ME

Atomic layer deposition of Pb(Zr,Ti)Ox on 4H-SiC for metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor diodes

Atomic layer deposited (ALD) Pb(Zr,Ti)Ox (PZT) ultra-th

MEMS Websites

Some University MEMS Groups: Berkeley Sensors and Actua

An Academic Career in Engineering

Thoughts from Roger T. Howe, the William E. Ayer Profes

文献阅读管理软件 Reference Management Software

Scientific research can not go without literature readi

Some Important Things Most Students Never Ask About Graduate School

Partially adopted from Rob N. Candler (UCLA EE Prof.),


T. Wu*, R. Lu, A. Gao, C. Tu, T. Manzaneque, and S. Gon


A. Gao, K. Liu, J. Liang and T. Wu, “AlN MEMS filters w