SMALL group have 4 papers accepted for IEEE NEMS 2021!

SMALL group have following 4 papers accepted and to be present in IEEE MEMS 2021 conference in April Xiamen.

Congratulations !

  1. “AlN Hybrid-Coupled Resonator With Phononic Crystal Reflector” by Kangfu Liu and Tao Wu
  2. “Micro-Actuators Design Based on LiNbO3 Thin Film” by Yushuai Liu, Zhiyuan Gao, Kangfu Liu and Tao Wu
  3. “AlN Contour Mode Resonators with Half Circle Shaped Reflectors”, Zhifang Luo, Shuai Shao and Tao Wu
  4.  “Optimization of S1 Lamb wave resonator with Al0.8Sc0.2N” by Shuai Shao, Zhifang Luo and Tao Wu