Openings Available

SMALL 招收2021级研究生、 博士后/研究员、访问学生/学者

Multiple openings of 1) Master/PhD Graduate Students; 2) Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate, 3) Visiting Student/Scholar are currently available in SMALL. Candidates with microelectronics, electronic/electrical engineering, communication, mechanical engineering, and physics related background and strong interest in MEMS and Transducers are welcome to join. The research scopes at SMALL are interdisciplinary, which incorporate the expertise from many engineering and scientific disciplinary. We welcome all people with science and engineering background to join SMALL to explore fascinating micro/nano-technologies. Competitive salary/subsidy will be provided.

上海科技大学微系统与先进传感器实验室现招收以下职位人员:1. 硕士/博士研究生;2. 博士后和研究员;3. 访问学者/访问学生。实验室研究方向涉及多学科交叉, 申请人需具有微电子、电气、 通信、 机电和物理等相关学习工作背景, 对微纳工艺、微纳传感器和集成电路方向感兴趣。学校、学院和实验室将提供有竞争力的津贴/工作薪酬。

Interested people are encouraged to check this post regarding engineering academic life given by Prof. Roger T. Howe in Stanford.

Please send your CV, Transcript and Personal Statement to Dr. Wu, and apply from here

博士后和助理研究员请从官方申请 Post-Doc / Research Associate