The Shanghaitech Microsystem And non-Linear transducers Laboratory (SMALL) is established in Fall 2017 associated with the School of Information Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University by Principal Investigator Dr. Tao Wu.  At SMALL, we are developing chip-scale sensor and actuator systems with novel material and micro/nano-fabrication processes. Research in this area is motivated by the potential to produce high-performance, low-cost, miniature transducers. Specific research areas of interest include Micro-/Nano-Electro-Mechanical System (M/NEMS) design and modeling, novel multiferroic materials, processing and transducers, as well as their applications in smart hardware, renewable energy systems, Internet-Of-Things (IOT) etc. The researches at SMALL are, in particular, interdisciplinary, which incorporates the expertise from many engineering and scientific disciplinarians. We welcomes all science and engineering background to join this lab to explore fascinating micro/nano-technologies.


  • Recent News

    • SMALL 招收2020级研究生

      上科大微系统与先进传感器实验室(SMALL)由吴涛博士建立,实验室致力于研发微纳机电系统与器件 (MEMS),科研方向包括但不限于多铁态材料在多维尺度下的耦合现象与机理,声学传感器件,射频微纳器件,先进微纳加工工艺以及微系统集成电路。课题组将依托上科大纳米中心一流的实验条件,开展多项微纳器件和传感系统相关的前沿课题,我们欢迎理工科相关专业背景的同学加入。

      MEMS概述:MOOC link

      SMALL 需要什么样的候选人

      • 科研兴趣:兴趣是人生的第一大导师!只有你自己对微纳器件和微机电系统及相关领域感兴趣,才能有不断深入的动力!SMALL优先考虑有愿意在上科大直博或其他一流大学继续深造的同学。
      • 专业背景:电气/电子工程、微电子、信息/通信、机电、物理及其他相关专业,专业课程基础扎实。
      • 外语水平:扎实的英文文献阅读及写作能力。

      SMALL 申请方式


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    • Dr. Wu and collaborators have published a paper in IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS!

      Dr. Wu and collaborators have published one paper in IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS titled of “Narrowband Impedance Transformer With Extremely High Transformation Ratio of 200”. Congrats!

      DOI: 10.1109/LED.2019.2940257

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    • Dr. Wu and collaborators have published a paper in JMEMS !

      Dr. Wu and collaborators Ming-Huang Li and Songbin Gong et al have published one paper in JMEMS titled of “Temperature Stability Analysis of Thin-Film Lithium Niobate SH0 Plate Wave Resonators”.

      DOI: 10.1109/JMEMS.2019.2934126

      This paper presents an extensive study on the temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF) for Y36 cut thin-film lithium niobate (LiNbO3) resonators.

      FEM-simulated dispersive characteristics of the 1st-order TCFs for the SH0 plate wave resonators on the LiNbO3/SiO2 thin film with various surface boundary conditions: (a) Free-surface and open-circuited. (b) Freesurface and short-circuited. (c) Metal-loaded surface and short-circuited.

      (a) Cross-sectional view of the piezoelectric MEMS resonator for equivalent TCF mapping. (b) Hypothesis for the complex TCF behavior at the Region (III).

      SH0 mode higher lateral-order resonators for TCF model verification: (a) 3-electrode resonator for even-order overtones. (b) 2-electrode resonator array for odd-order overtones. The array design is applied to the 2-electrode resonator for enhancing the output signal.

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    • Congratulation! Dr. Wu is awarded for Shanghai Natural Science Foundation Program 2019 !

      Dr. Tao Wu and Dr. Xiong Wang have collaborated to get a support from Shanghai Natural Science Foundation Program (#19ZR1477000) for RF non-reciprocal devices research. Congratulation!

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    • 2019 Spring EE224L Photo Album

      Class of 2019 Spring EE224L students have been given a tour of ShanghaiTech Nanolab !

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